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Department of Nutrition and Dietetics; It provides education and training in accordance with international standards in order to contribute to the adequate and balanced nutrition for the protection, improvement and development of the health of individuals and the society and to increase the quality of life. Our department; aims to train well-equipped dietitians who have basic knowledge, scientific stance, professional competence and leadership in foods, nutrition, dietetics, management and other fields, and are open to professional self-development.

Nutritionist; He is a professional staff trained in the field of nutrition and dietetics, who evaluates the nutritional habits of individuals and societies, plans and implements the appropriate diet therapy for them and gives training on these issues. In addition to being an academician, dietitians can take part in every step of research, treatment and rehabilitative health services.

job Oppurtunities

  • Inpatient treatment institutions (hospitals), medical centers, mother-child health centers,
  • Special care centers (nursing home, kindergarten, rehabilitation centers),
  • All workplaces and institutions with catering services (schools, military institutions, factories)
  • Organizations that produce and sell food and beverage (food factories, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, fast ready meals service),
  • Food-pharmaceutical industry (natural products, nutritional support products, baby-child foods)
  • Official institutions and ministries related to nutrition (Food Analysis Laboratories, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs),
  • Fitness and sports centers/clubs,
  • Private nutrition counseling centers,
  • Private health and education camps (camps for athletes, diabetics, disabled people, etc.),
  • Media organizations (television, radio, magazines, newspapers),
  • Education and research activities (universities, projects, R&D institutions),
  • International health and nutrition organizations (FAO, WHO, UN and UNICEF).